FLASHBACK FILMS is literally the future of cinema. Founded in 3155 by beloved entrepreneur and visionary John B. Flashback, Flashback Films has become the premier movie studio of the 33rd century. Partnered with the Nicofeine Soda Company, we’re currently pumping out more films per second than any two of our competitors combined!

And now you can join in the excitement, via our cutting edge PastCasting ™ technology! Flashback’s patented PastCasting enables the transmission of media from our present (the year 3210) backward through time to your present (whenever the hell that is).

Much like our current process for quality control, the results of PastCasting are as random as they are bewildering. So you may be in the year 2458 experiencing the Greater Depression, or you may be in the soaring 2620s dining on gold-soaked ham and protesting mind control. For all we know, you’re eking out a living in 2011 during the Time of Great Confusion. But no matter when you are, we’re confident you speak our universal language: because one thing that never changes is entertainment.

What’s funny for you? We’re still laughing about it now! Your favorite film? We’ve remade, enhanced, rebooted, or mashed it up! Technology may grow through time, but innovation in 3210 is, as ever, rooted securely in the past. So pull up a hoverchair and sample our promotions, because it’s never too early to preview coming attractions in the entertainment industry. It’s not like you’re going to see anything new…