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Still Shots

Ready. Aim. Fire!

Cracker county denizens fight off a potential zombie invasion. From left to right: Biker Bob (Dan Bedell), Drunk Cletus (Gary Norris), Cousin Clovis (Brendan Rogers), Redneck Monty (Minas Fakrajian), and Bubba (Fred Lass).

Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil (Mitch Hyman) entices pre-werewolf Bubba (Chris Stephens) with powers beyond his feeble imagination.

"I'm A Werewolf..."

Bubba (Fred Lass) wakes up transformed after his deal with the devil.

Joy Ride

Bubba (Fred Lass) gets some fresh air on a drive around his hometown, Broken Taint.


Bubba (Fred Lass) and Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas) enjoy a moment together.

Gone Fishin'

Bubba (Fred Lass) prefers to take joy in the little things rather than carry on his quest to save Cracker County.

"Your Coming Was Appropriately Foreshadowed!"

Bubba (Fred Lass) gets some advice about his destiny from a gypsy fortuneteller (Gail Fleming).

Three's A Crowd

Dangerous Dwight (David Santiago) and Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas) tell off pre-werewolf Bubba (Chris Stephens).

Drinking With The Devil

The Devil (Mitch Hyman) and Bubba (Fred Lass) face off in an epic duel, hosted by bartender Jamie Sue (Sara Humbert).

Love At First Bite

Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas) is completely smitten with 'the new' Bubba (Fred Lass).

Pleasure To Meat You

The Devil (Mitch Hyman) visits local Cracker County denizens like this Butcher (Will Phillips) to offer them deals.

Wolf At Work

Bubba (Fred Lass) in his element.

Biker Bully

A criminal biker (Mark Chandler) holds up Bubba's favorite bar, the Rusty Bombshell.


Bubba (Fred Lass) finds his quest to save Cracker County isn't always the cleanest endeavor.


A would-be robber biker (Phil Todd) discovers it's best not to cross Bubba (Fred Lass).

"He Sure The Hell Has."

Drunk Cletus (Gary Norris) agrees that the Devil has gone too far in his efforts to take over Cracker County.

Game On

Bubba (Fred Lass) takes a break from his quest to play some videogames.

Firey Passion

The Devil (Mitch Hyman) corrupts a not-so-innocent Cracker County nun (Meg Murrderher).

Future Imperfect

The Gypsy Fortuneteller (Gail Fleming) and her daughter (Teresa Carter) offer some sage advice to our heroes.

"Nobody Cares About Your Balls!"

Bartender Jamie Sue (Sara Humbert) gets fed up with the stories of perpetual patron Drunk Cletus (Gary Norris).

"Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy."

The Butcher (Will Phillips) is excited to have a third hand for... reasons.

Bum Raps

Many Cracker County locals find themselves unhappy with their devil-deals. Can Bubba help them out?


Bubba (Fred Lass) takes the law into his paws against a biker/robber (Mark Chandler).

"I Hit A Tree."

Bubba's cousin Clovis (Brendan Rogers) isn't the most useful person to have around during a zombie apocalypse.

Behind The Scenes

To Become A Wolf

Fred Lass begins the 2-3 hour makeup process of becoming Bubba.

Blind On Set

Gail Fleming (The Gypsy Fortuneteller) couldn't see what was happening thanks to thick contact lenses that gave her eyes a blind "fogged over" look. Also pictured: actress Teresa Carter (left) and line producer Caitlyn Foster (right).

The Art of Ick

Makeup artist Jennifer Okerlund prepares a special effect for one of the Devil's Cracker County victims.


Director Brendan Rogers instructs actors Mark Chandler and Phil Todd (The Bikers).

A Hairy Touch-Up

Lead Makeup Designer and Associate Producer Michael Davy helps Fred Lass with his wolf appliance.

A Leg Up

Actress Sara Humbert (Jamie Sue) takes five with dubious comfort in between takes.

Seeing Red

Bubba Comic-Creator and Executive Producer Mitch Hyman performs as the Devil in one of the film's final scenes.

Squib Prep

Special Effects artists Chris Secosky and J.D. Ellis prepare actress Mercedes Lass for a burst of blood.


Malone Thomas (Bobbie Jo), David Santiago (Dangerous Dwight), and Chirs Stephens (Human Bubba) go over the script.

Black Eye

Key Makeup Artist Karyna Martinez gives pre-werewolf Bubba (Chris Stephens) a black eye.

At The Helm

Bubba Comic-Creator and Executive Producer Mitch Hyman (in the driver's seat) chills on set with the cast.

Satan's Little Helper

Makeup Artist Jennifer Okerlund prepares actress Ellen Smittle (One of The Devil's Show Girls) for a scene.

The Thick Of It

Director Brendan Rogers and Lead Makeup Designer Michael Davy prepare Fred Lass (Bubba) for a shoot on-locaiton.

That's A Wrap!

Much of the cast and crew of Bubba the RedneCk Werewolf at the end of principal photogrpahy

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