Production Photos

Day One

Principal photography began in the black box theatre at Lake-Sumter Community College on June 2, 2005.


Alexa Cappiello gets into character in front of one of Flashback's very few physical set pieces.

Business as Usual

Nicole Smith, Ryan Rogers, Nicky Urban, and Will Phillips during the first of Flashback’s four summer shoots.

Couch or Car?

Andrew Ramos and Alexa Cappiello share a scene on what would one day become the back seat of a hover-limo.

The Traveling Curtain

The empty stage of Stover Theatre was one of five Stetson University sites transformed into ad hoc studios.

Angle of Music

Director Brendan Rogers and cinematographer John Mondelli prepare Alexa Cappiello for a musical moment.

We're Not (Not) Making This Up

Producer John Mondelli implemented Flashback’s many make-up effects, here applied on actor Chris Heidt.

Wherever It Takes

Tony Mondelli and Director Brendan Rogers frame a shot in Stetson University’s cheerleaders’ locker room.

Many Hats

John Mondelli gets up close and personal with the camera.

Aerial Antics

Will Phillips is filmed from above against a tarp-covered parking lot.

Radical Rotation

A home-built spinning platform allows for the simulation of a 360-degree shot.

Good Thing No One Shaved Their Heads

Director Brendan Rogers plans the final shots of a scene that began filming two years prior.


Producers Will Phillips and John Mondelli create Flashback’s digital world in the team’s garage-turned-studio.

It's Only A Model

A paper model of the Flashback Films studio backlot was constructed in Spring 2009 as a pre-visualization tool.

A Whole New World

The digital backlot's "wide version" was built in Adobe After Effects with nearly 10,000 individual image layers.

Still Shots

The Backlot

Flashback Films was the dream studio of renowned 32nd century tycoon/philanthropist John B. Flashback.

"Making Tomorrow Seem Like Yesterday... Now!"

Lamar Garret (Will Phillips) speaks of the studio's bright future under the Nicofiene Soda Company.

Janitor Jack

Jack Taylor (Andrew Ramos) is the last human janitor amidst a robotic workforce (Chris Heidt).

"Tiff's Not Me"

Tiffany Sloane (Alexa Cappiello) regrets having compromised her integrity for fame as the pop icon "Tiff."

Company Check-up

Lamar Garret (Will Phillips) tries to impress the Nicofeine board with Flashback Films' latest gimmicks.

A Better Life

Jack Taylor (Andrew Ramos), right, dreams of the adventures he could be having beyond the studio gates.

Great Warrior

Rufus Lucas (John Mondelli), the descendant of George Lucas, is more than the crazy hobo he appears to be.

"Another Bloody Invention"

Lamar (Will Phillips) is unimpressed by scientist Maynard's (Brendan Rogers) latest robot (Chris Fowle).

Romantic Moment

Jack (Andrew Ramos) and Tiffany (Alexa Cappiello) find that a janitor and a starlet can have a lot in common.


Jack's attempts to date actress Tiffany Sloane result in a high velocity car chase with gun-toting reporters.

The Trio

J.R. {Chris Heidt), Jack (Andrew Ramos), and Rufus Lucas (John Mondelli) infiltrate the studio's time lab.

Time Machine

The studio's latest gimmick is a prop-collecting time machine set to pillage the past for the films of the future.


Jack (Andrew Ramos) attempts to use the studio's time machine, but finds it has a mind of its own.

Red Alert!

Lamar (Will Phillips) talks to scientist Maynard (Brendan Rogers) for an update on the day's mishaps.


Dinosaurs are a frequent side effect of messing around with time travel.

Robot Army

Reprogramed to hunt down Jack Taylor, the studio's janitor robots (Chris Heidt) pose a formidable threat.


Rufus Lucas (John Mondelli), right, does battle with corrupt studio rap star Skitulz (Brendan Rogers).

Press Conference

Lamar (Will Phillips) attempts to calm a sea of raging employees at Flashback Films.

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