Stetson Alumni, Staff, and Faculty in Flashback

Josiah Armes -- Actor (IMT Nerd)
Ryan Barr -- Actor (Executive Dan Fupperson)
Elizabeth Bhimjee, Former Staff (Grants) -- Extra
Alexa Cappiello -- Actor (Tiffany Sloane)
Robbie Carelli -- Staff (Media Services) -- Extra
Colleen M. Cooper -- Staff (Alumni Relations) -- Extra
John Cooper, Staff (Public Safety) -- Extra
Michael H. Davis -- Extra
Erica DeLoach -- Extra
Rachel Lynn Del Valle -- Extra
Michelle DuCharme -- Extra
Jerry Durst -- Actor (Charles Spielberg)
Sabrina Edmonston -- Extra
William Elliot, Former Faculty (Theater) -- Location Manager
Kiara Feliciano -- Extra
Alyssa Ford -- Extra
Caitlyn Foster -- Editing Assistant / Voice Actor / Extra
Chris Fowle -- Actor (Reporter Chief Johnny)
Sayda Franklin, Staff (Grants) -- Extra
John Riley Giddens -- Extra
Michelle Hamele -- Extra
Alexandra Hernandez -- Extra
Matthew Hicks -- Extra
Elise Holt -- Editing Assistant / Extra
Sims D. Kline, Staff (Library) -- Extra
Katelynn Jacob -- Extra
Amber Janney Cox -- Extra
Will Lage -- Actor (Rock Bandleader)
Daniel Lane, Staff (IT) -- Actor (Rock Hobbit 2)
Adam Langston -- Extra
Janet Lyons, Staff (Stewardship) -- Extra
Angela Malinowski -- Extra
Lauren Morrison Martin -- Extra
Ken McCoy, Faculty (Theatre) -- Actor (Pirate Captain)
Allyson McKenna -- Extra
Kaitlin Mondello -- Extra
Nancy Moreland, Former Staff (Grants) -- Extra
Devin O'Neill -- Extra
John Palomba -- Actor (Nicofeine Cyclist)
Kayleigh J. Pereira -- Extra
Sarah Pereira -- Extra
Patrick Pieri -- Actor (John B. Flashback)
Will Phillips -- Producer / Writer / Actor (Lamar Garret)
Dan Puchalla -- Extra
David Ralston -- Actor (Man on Fire)
Maryalice P. Ralston -- Actor (Nicofeine Student)
Brendan Rogers -- Producer / Director / Writer / Actor (Skitulz)
Gary Rogers, Faculty (Theatre) -- Stunt Coordinator / Extra
Mary Anne Rogers, Staff (Marketing) -- Extra
Ryan Rogers -- Actor (Thelonious)
Daniel Roscoe -- Extra
Calle Rose Secunda -- Extra
Julia Schmitt, Faculty (Theatre) -- Actor (Reporter Angora Fleece)
Jennifer Shaver -- Extra
Angela Stauss -- Extra
Katherine Switalski -- Extra
Erin Tobiasz, Former Staff -- Extra
Rebecca Maderski Walters -- Actor (Granny Skitulz)
Alyssa Moody Waters -- Extra
Samantha Weppelmann --Extra
Aja West, Former Staff -- Extra
Katie Petit Westervelt -- Choreographer / Actor (Elf Dancers)
Bimini Wright -- Voice Actor

Thanks to all our Stetson volunteers!

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